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“Tangible Dynamic Dialogue”

Use your inherent instincts, play to your strengths, expand your self awareness, accelerate your success!

Tim Driedger

Certified Management Professional (UofC), Certified KOLBE Consultant (KOLBE Corp.), Engagement Multiplier Partner

Tim is a highly motivated, results orientated individual who thrives on continuous learning and has over 30 years of formal and informal leadership experience both in corporate and private business. 



Tim has worked for CFCN Television, Nova Gas Transmission, IBM Global Services and most recently TransCanada prior to launching his own consulting company. 


Tim is passionate about helping businesses create lasting success by engaging in tangible, dynamic dialogue. 



He works with clients to leverage their purpose and passion and fully utilize their natural strengths by utilizing his natural strength and mode of operation as a facilitator (Kolbe A: 5 – 4 – 5 – 6).  (Learn more on the Kolbe page)




As a business coach and consultant Tim has partnered with leading edge companies

to help create lasting personal and business change to: 

* Leverage their personal/team’s instinctive striving talents to get things done

* Increase team engagement and effectiveness

* Reduce churn and wasted effort

* Build better relationships and reduce conflict

* Tap into their intuition, inspiration and creativity

* Streamline systems and processes





Tim lives in the Millarville area with his wife of 29 years Heather on their family Homestead.
Tim, his wife, and their two adult children are all entrepreneurs serving Calgary, Foothills and the surrounding area

and he enjoys spreading his message through various speaking opportunities.

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