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TDD Management Consulting

“Tangible Dynamic Dialogue”

Use your inherent instincts, play to your strengths, expand your self awareness, accelerate your success!

Tim Driedger

Certified EMF Consultant (EMF-Experts), Certified Management Professional (UofC), Certified KOLBE Consultant (KOLBE Corp.), Engagement Multiplier Partner

Tim is a highly motivated, results orientated individual who thrives on continuous learning and has over 30 years of technical and leadership experience both in corporate and private business. 



Tim has worked for CFCN Television, Nova Gas Transmission, IBM Global Services and most recently TransCanada prior to launching his own consulting company. 


Tim is passionate about helping businesses create lasting success by engaging in tangible, dynamic dialogue. 



He works with clients to leverage their purpose and passion and fully utilize their natural strengths by utilizing his natural strength and mode of operation as a facilitator (Kolbe A: 5 – 4 – 5 – 6).  (Learn more on the Kolbe page)




As a business coach and consultant Tim has partnered with leading edge companies

to help create lasting personal and business change to: 


* Leverage their personal/team’s instinctive striving talents to get things done

* Increase team engagement and effectiveness

* Reduce churn and wasted effort

* Build better relationships and reduce conflict

* Tap into their intuition, inspiration and creativity

* Streamline systems and processes





Tim lives in the Millarville area with his wife Heather on their family Homestead. Tim, his wife, and their two adult children are all entrepreneurs serving Calgary, Foothills and the surrounding area and he enjoys spreading his message through various speaking opportunities.


 “Tim  was my manager for approximately 2 years (2015 & 2016). During that time our organization was experiencing tremendous growth and with that, many new changes. Even though many of the changes brought enormous challenges and uncertainty, our team was able to thrive and I personally experienced 2 of the most satisfying years of my career under the direct leadership of Tim. Why I felt those 2 years were personally satisfying were due to many factors: Tim allowed me the space and encouragement to work on what I felt passionate about. Tim provided the appropriate amount of guidance and coaching and always was there to encourage me. I felt empowered to work outside of my comfort zone knowing that Tim would provide the suitable support when and if I needed it.  By working on new tasks that I felt passionate about allowed me to stay fully engaged at my workplace even though I was experiencing challenges in my personal life at that particular point in time.  Tim has left a lasting impression on me and I am currently enrolled in a Professional Management Certification through the University of Calgary because I remember Tim mentioning to me that he has taken it and it was very helpful for him with his career. Tim’s awareness at the workplace, his compassion for his staff and co-workers, his ability to motivate and keep his team engaged will not be something I will ever overlook.  Working closely with Tim for two years and to have him coach me though that time has left me with the tools and mindset to succeed in the ever-changing industry that I am currently still working in. I am looking forward to the day that I will work with Tim again.”

Kyle, 6-6-4-5


“Tim was my manager for about 6 years (Sept ’09 – Nov ’15) through several significant organizational and team restructuring initiatives. During this time his ongoing priorities was to manage the ongoing change while enabling effective team work.  He had our ever-evolving team participate in a number of self-assessment and personal growth sessions which included the Kolbe A Index with further exploration related to the team aspects and dynamics. Working with the team he encouraged and empowered us to use the knowledge and training to resolve conflicts, to work more effectively personally as well as in our operational work groups.  Tim has a passion for teaching and using various team effectiveness models and demonstrated this in his approach to managing the team and dealing with business partners.”

Karim, 7-8-3-2


“In January of 2011 I was asked to help my boss at that time start a new dental practice; we had 4 in our team: The Doctor, a receptionist, myself and another assistant. Subsequently we went from a team of 4 to 18 in about a year and a half.  To the outside world, it looked like the practice was doing well but inside it could not be further from the truth; several people were being stressed to the max putting in long hours to get the job done.

In the fall of 2012 something had to be done and that’s when the team leaders were introduced to Kolbe. The entire team took the Kolbe training which transformed our business from chaos, to efficient and effective, while enhancing business profitability.

Everyone’s Kolbe A index was posted up in the lunch room where we could refer to them often.

Kolbe showed us how we needed to communicate with each and gave us insight into our own unique mode of operation (MO). With few team adjustments based on our MO the lines of communication increased, systems were developed, and some people were placed in positions that more suited their unique instinctive action mode. Nno longer were we expecting an insistent factfinder to be an insistent implementer, and we started to function as a well-oiled machine.”

 Lorraine, 7-4-5-4

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