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Coaching & Consulting

“Tangible Dynamic Dialogue”

Use your inherent instincts, play to your strengths, expand your self awareness, accelerate your success!

Team Performance and Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness: Cognitive, Affective and Conative (Think, Feel, Do); personal/role/skills assessments

Team Performance: Engagement, Technical and Behavioral Competencies, SMART Goals, Values (What, How, When)

Team Building: Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Intra and Interpersonal communications, stages of development, management of change

Certified KOLBE Consultant

Engagement Multiplier®

Individual / Team Leadership Coaching

Self Leadership / Team Leadership

Life / Leadership / Personal coaching

Career Management and Coaching

EMF Consulting

EMF Assesments and Mitigation for Home and Small Business

Radio Frequencies

Electrical Fields

Magnetic Fields

Dirty Electricity

KOLBE Assesments

Takes Two Relationship Reports






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