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EMF Consulting

“Tangible Dynamic Dialogue”

Electrosmog – making the invisible visible!

EMF Consulting

Certified EMF Consultant

Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) assesments for Home and Small Business

Radio Frequencies (RF); Cellular, Wi-Fi, Cordless Phone, Baby Monitor, Security Systems …

Electrical Field (EF – voltage); Power Line, House Power, Electical Appliances, Lighting, Grounding …

Magnetic Fields (MF); Current = Magnetic Field; Appliances, Vehicles, Power Line …

Dirty Electricity (DE); Switching Power Supplies, Inverters, Faulty Wiring, CFL/LED …

Green Wave – dirty electricity filters

Shield Your Body – EMF & 5G Protection Products

GQ Electronics – EMF Meters

Earthing Canada

Healy Canada

Greenwave Filters


To learn more about EMF Assesment and Consulting services please contact me.

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